About Us

Ourada Designs provides a creative and innovative approach to hardwood flooring.

Making use of a tree’s natural edges, from the trunk to small branches, beautiful designs can be created to enliven and enhance any room. Ourada Designs blends the beauty of the wood, the interests of the client, and the flow of a room to create unique floors that can never be duplicated.

Ourada Designs are centered around the craftsmanship and artistic skills of Tom Ourada. He incorporates nature-inspired elements into his designs, such as the locally harvested pinecones and the natural curve of a tree in the Blue Pine Swirl floor. Tom uses the unique combination of mixing parquetry and painting to create other worlds within a floor such as the Buck and Barbwire floor. Tom’s creativity, craftsmanship, and artistry take hardwood flooring to a unique level that stands above other floors.