Ourada Designs, renowned for its unique and artistic approach to hardwood flooring, now extends its craftsmanship to the marine world. Under Tom Ourada’s expertise, the company offers two exclusive hardwood products designed for yachts, large boats, and wooden ski boats.

The first product is a custom hardwood art floor, ideal for the cabin of a yacht. Tom Ourada combines his passion for natural elements and exceptional craftsmanship to create these unique floors. Each piece is a testament to Ourada’s commitment to integrating the natural beauty of wood with the client’s personal style and the specific dynamics of a yacht cabin. This bespoke flooring transforms the cabin into a stunning, luxurious space, blending artistry and practicality.

A Chris Craft marine flag made into custom wood art

Secondly, Ourada Designs introduces a novel concept: wooden flags as art pieces. Inspired by the traditional flags on classic wooden boats, these flags are handcrafted to replicate the design of the yacht’s or ski boat’s flag. Not merely decorative, each flag tells a story – a symbol of the vessel it represents. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these wooden flags are made to be displayed in homes or offices, bringing a piece of the maritime experience ashore. The flags are sized like a large poster or framed picture, providing a substantial and eye-catching piece of art.

Each wooden flag is a labor of love, requiring hours of dedicated work. Tom Ourada employs a combination of CNC routing and handcrafting techniques, preferring the natural hues of the wood to staining. This approach highlights the unique grains and colors of the wood, ensuring no two flags are alike. The result is a one-of-a-kind, high-value piece that resonates with the essence of the sea.

Ourada Designs’ marine products are more than just accessories; they are a fusion of art and the maritime spirit, reflecting each client’s and vessel’s individuality. These creations are not just additions to a yacht or a room but are statements of elegance, history, and personal style.