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The Moberly Sphere Project – Taking Inspiration to Reality

In the world of interior design, there are projects that transcend the traditional boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship, marking significant milestones in the evolution of art floors. Among these transformative endeavors stands the Moberly Sphere Project, a breathtaking journey from a mere concept to a tangible, award-winning masterpiece. Inspired by the organic beauty of a wooden sphere, this project is a testament not just to transforming a space but to the alchemy of vision, collaboration, and innovation that drives the heart and soul of bespoke interior design.

Inspiration and Conception

The genesis of the Moberly Sphere Project was sparked by the awe-inspiring work of artist Lee Jae-Hyo, whose giant wooden sphere ignited a flame of inspiration. This initial spark, coupled with the collaborative spirit of hardwood flooring virtuosos Keith Long (Thunderheart Flooring) and Aaron Schaalma (Signature Custom Flooring), set the stage for the transformation of a mundane rental living room into a canvas for hardwood artistry.

The Morbely Sphere Project - a custom hardwood art floor.

Design and Vision in the Moberly Sphere

At the heart of every hardwood art floor lies a tale of imagination intertwined with meticulous planning. For the Moberly Sphere project, the vision was clear—to create a unique radial pattern that originated from a central point and radiated outward. This design ambition aimed to forge a stunning three-dimensional effect, achieving a balance that is as captivating to the eye as it is complex in its execution. It’s a celebration of how imagination converges with precision to craft beauty from the ordinary.

Craftsmanship and Execution

The journey from vision to reality is paved with challenges and innovation. The background field fabrication of the Moberly Sphere project marked a departure from the familiar for Ourada Designs, venturing into the precision cutting of each board into exacting, long triangles. This technique, although new to Ourada Designs, was a well-trodden path for Thunderheart Flooring. The project, taking root in Moberley, Missouri, stands as a testament to the magic that unfolds when passion meets expertise, transforming wood into mesmerizing art.

The Moberly Sphere Project - a custom hardwood art floor.

Recognition and Reflection

The culmination of the Moberly Sphere project was not just in its physical completion but in the accolades and recognition it garnered. Winning a national award and being featured in a flooring magazine, the project stands as a proud moment for all involved. It symbolizes not just a leap in creative boundaries for the team but also highlights the inherent beauty of collaborative craftsmanship.

A Testament to Collaborative Artistry with the Moberly Sphere

The Moberly Sphere Project is a beacon of what can be achieved when visionary design, expert craftsmanship, and collaborative spirit converge. It serves as a reminder that the essence of artistry lies not just in individual talent but in the collective vision and dedication to bring an inspired idea to life. This project, nestled within the heart of a simple living room, has etched itself into the annals of hardwood floor design as a masterpiece of innovation and teamwork, inspiring future generations to dream and create beyond the horizons of convention.

Through the Moberly Sphere Project, Ourada Designs has not only pushed the envelope of what is possible in hardwood flooring but also set a benchmark for future projects. This project’s success underscores the importance of embracing innovative ideas and collaborative approaches in crafting spaces that are not only functional but also embody a deep artistic resonance. The floors of the Moberly Sphere project do not merely lie beneath one’s feet; they tell a story of artistic ambition, collaborative synthesis, and the sheer joy of creating something that stands as both functional and beautiful, a testament to the enduring power of human creativity and the transformative potential of art in everyday spaces.

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