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The Moberly Sphere Project – Taking Inspiration to Reality

From a vision inspired by a giant wooden sphere by artist Lee Jae-Hyo to an award-winning masterpiece! The Moberly Sphere Project began with a spark of inspiration and a collaborative spirit. Alongside hardwood experts Keith Long (Thunderheart Flooring) and Aaron Schaalma(Signature Custom Flooring), we transformed a rental living room into a breathtaking hardwood art floor.

The Morbely Sphere Project - a custom hardwood art floor.

Behind every hardwood art floor project is a story of creativity and meticulous planning. For the Moberly Sphere project, Keith envisioned a unique radial pattern, starting from the centerpiece and radiating outward, to create a stunning 3D effect that’s both balanced and captivating. Witness how imagination meets precision.

Transforming wood into art! The Moberly Sphere project’s background field fabrication involved cutting each board into precise, long triangles, a technique new to Ourada Designs but a process Thunder Flooring had mastered many times before. Installed in Moberley, Missouri, this project showcases the possibilities when passion and expertise come together.

Proud moment for all involved! The Moberly Sphere floor, a testament to innovation and teamwork, won a national award and was featured in a flooring magazine. This project not only pushed my creative boundaries but also showcased the beauty of collaborative craftsmanship.

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