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The Impossible Triangle – Transforming Our Home with Art

In the dynamic world of home design, certain projects transcend the ordinary, morphing into personal narratives that echo the ethos of creativity and innovation. Among such transformative endeavors stands “The Impossible Triangle,” a hardwood masterpiece birthed from the heart and soul of Ourada Designs. This narrative not only chronicles a journey of artistic revelation but also encapsulates the essence of turning familiar spaces into canvases of personal expression.

The Genesis of The Impossible Triangle

The inception of this remarkable project traces back to a room within my home that, for 18 years, evolved through various identities – from a nurturing space for my daughter, a sanctuary for physical well-being, to a haven for cherished memories. Yet, amidst these transformations, it yearned for a singular piece of identity: a proper floor. Seizing this overlooked opportunity, I envisioned a floor that was not merely a surface but a storied canvas, reflecting the innovative spirit of Ourada Designs.

A Unique Canvas

The hexagonal contours of the room presented not just architectural challenges but an invitation to dream. Mirroring the organic flow of our surrounding landscape, this space beckoned a design that was as unprecedented as its shape. The journey began with sourcing materials that bore their own tales – a birch log known for its captivating fork, a hallmark of natural beauty, and a black locust tree, embodying generosity and resilience. These elements were destined to merge into the narrative of our home, setting the stage for creativity.

The Artistry of Design

Embracing the organic ethos that defines Ourada Designs, the birch and locust woods were not merely materials but muses. Their natural forms and textures guided my hand, culminating in a design that celebrated their inherent beauty. The integration of pine curls and Brazilian cherry wood introduced a dialogue between the elements, creating a tapestry of textures and hues that underscored the floor’s artistic dimension.

Crafting the Vision

The execution of “The Impossible Triangle” was a testament to the harmonious blend of precision and artistry. Spirals, crafted with a custom-made plywood guide, introduced a dynamic element to the design, embodying the flow and energy of life itself. This meticulous process reflected not just technical prowess but a deep-seated passion for bringing imaginative visions to fruition.

The Culmination of a Masterpiece

The completion of “The Impossible Triangle” project stands as a vibrant testament to the philosophy that drives Ourada Designs – the belief that our living spaces should resonate with the stories of those who inhabit them. This floor, with its intricate patterns and impossible triangle motif, is more than a structural element; it’s a narrative woven in wood, chronicling the journey of a family and the evolution of a designer’s vision.

This project, nestled within the heart of our home, is a beacon of what Ourada Designs represents: the seamless fusion of nature, artistry, and storytelling. It reaffirms that the spaces we inhabit are not just backdrops to our lives but integral characters in our personal stories. As Ourada Designs continues to sculpt hardwood masterpieces, each floor laid down is not merely an addition to a home but a chapter in the grand narrative of artistic exploration and expression.

To learn more about my unique process for creating custom hardwood art floors, head here.

Floor of the Year – The Impossible Triangle

Thank you, NWFA, for choosing Ourada Designs amongst all the incredible entries as Floor of the Year! In April 2024, I went to New Orleans with my wife to accept NWFA’s 2024 Floor of the Year award in Marquetry. The award-winning floor was the Impossible Triangle floor installed in our house.

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