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The Impossible Triangle – Transforming Our Home with Art

In the realm of home design, a personal project like “The Impossible Triangle” speaks volumes. As the creative force behind Ourada Designs, this undertaking in my own home was not just another assignment but a transformation of a familiar space into a hardwood masterpiece, embodying the innovative spirit of Ourada Designs.

The Genesis of The Impossible Triangle

My story begins in a room that, over 18 years, served many purposes – from my daughter’s bedroom to a workout space and even a storage area. Crucially, it lacked one thing: a proper floor. This overlooked space in our home was an opportunity to do something special, to create a floor that would tell a story, a testament to the ethos of Ourada Designs.

A Unique Canvas

The room, shaped like a hexagon, was not just a room but a canvas for creativity. Inspired by the natural contours of our land, I embarked on a journey to fill this space with a design as unique as its shape. The process began with the fundamental step of sourcing materials, where my passion for nature and craftsmanship came to the forefront.

I acquired a birch log from a client for $40. The beauty of its natural fork, a feature I adore, was destined to become part of my home’s story. The narrative continued by acquiringa black locust tree, a generous offer from a local family. These pieces of wood, each with their own story, were set to become part of ours.


The Design Process

My approach to design is as organic as the materials I use. I laid out the wood, letting the shapes and grains guide my creativity. The birch and locust woods were muses, leading to a design that featured their natural beauty. I incorporated the forks of the logs, creating intricate patterns that interacted with light and shadow.

In this design, the natural elements were complemented by the artistic addition of pine curls, creating a sense of movement and depth. This interplay of textures and shapes is a testament to my skill in transforming wood into art. The design was further enhanced by integrating Brazilian cherry wood, adding warmth and richness to the floor.

Bringing the Design to Life

Crafting “The Impossible Triangle” was a labor of love, demanding precision and creativity. I considered every aspect of the room, from humidity to the layout, ensuring the design would resonate with the space. The crafting process, particularly the intricate spiral designs, embodied the technical skill and artistic vision that “The Impossible Triangle” demanded.

A striking feature of my design was the incorporation of spirals. I crafted these using a custom-made plywood guide, creating a beautiful, flowing pattern that added dynamism to the floor. This spiral design was a display of technical skill, showcasing my ability to marry form with function.

The Completion of The Impossible Triangle:

The finished floor of “The Impossible Triangle” project is a testament to my belief that a floor should be more than a surface – it should be an art piece. This project, especially the final integration of the impossible triangle shape, is a personal narrative told through wood, a reflection of my journey and that of my family.

This project in our home is a shining example of what Ourada Designs is all about transforming spaces into living art. The floor is not just part of the house; it’s a reflection of my family’s journey, a narrative woven in wood.

This personal project encapsulates the essence of Ourada Designs – a fusion of nature, artistry, and personal storytelling. It’s a reminder that the spaces we inhabit can be canvases for our creativity and reflections of our journeys. As I continue to create hardwood masterpieces, I leave a trail of stories, each floor a chapter in the larger narrative of my artistic journey.

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