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The Fight Custom Hardwood Art Floor Project

The ‘The Fight’ hardwood art floor project started as a referral from Designology Luxury Interiors. The client had some water damage to their 7″ engineered maple pre-finish from the refrigerator in the kitchen. The original contractor fixed the with leftover materials. Unfortunately, the fridge leaked again, but there wasn’t any leftover material for another repair. If you’ve ever tried to repair flooring with the same product years later, you’ll know the flooring doesn’t usually match if it’s even available. The client already had an idea to possibly fill in the cupped area with a river and eagle in the damaged area, and Ourada Designs was called out for a consultation.

The Fight is a custom hardwood art floor project featuring a Bald Eagle and Osprey Eagle entangled in a fight over the Spokane River.

Each Hardwood Art Floor Project Tells a Story

Every design has its own story, and ‘The Fight’ is a tale of nature’s raw beauty right in your home. As I crafted this floor, I envisioned the Spokane River – its islands and turns – flowing through the living space. It’s not just a river; it’s a part of your journey, beginning at the entryway leading through the house. The river’s path, inspired by an aerial view of its course, reflects the twists of life itself, all captured in the natural elegance of hardwood.

An early drawing of The Fight Hardwood Art Floor Project featuring an eagle and medallion of Coeur d'Alene lake.

The The Fight project won award last year.

A Drama Under Your Feet

In ‘The Fight,’ a drama unfolds beneath your feet: an eagle and an osprey locked in an aerial duel over a fish. This isn’t just art; it’s a story of survival, of determination. I designed it to be viewed from above, as if you’re part of the sky, looking down on this moment frozen in time. The clients loved the concept, connecting with the power and grace I aimed to portray in the wood. It’s these stories that transform spaces into experiences.

A Bald Eagle and Osprey Eagle fight in the design for this custom hardwood art floor.

The Details Make the Difference in a Custom Hardwood Art Floor Project

‘The Fight’ reaches its heart at the hearth – a small, intricately placed heart marking ‘home.’ It’s a subtle nod to the warmth and love I felt from the homeowners, and it’s these personal touches that make each design special. The osprey, victorious in its struggle, symbolizes the strength and resilience we all cherish. It’s hidden details like a fish’s tail that invite you to look closer and celebrate the intricacies that make your home uniquely yours.

Tom Ourada sits in front of his custom hardwood art floor project called The Fight.
The End of the Fight

As we conclude the visual journey of ‘The Fight,’ this stunning drone footage from Luke Heckly at Backyard Media captures the essence of our creation. Each detail – from the mighty eagle and the resilient osprey to the flowing river and the heart marking ‘home’ – tells a story of nature, struggle, and love. ‘The Fight’ is more than a floor; it’s a canvas where nature’s drama unfolds beneath your feet, crafted with the skill and passion unique to Ourada Designs. Dive into the beauty of this masterpiece, where artistry meets nature in an eternal dance. Special thanks to Luke Heckly for bringing this vision to life from the skies.

This hardwood art floor project was chosen as a winner in the WFOY Circles/Curved/Bent Wood category.

You can learn more about my process here.


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