The Cherry Slab Project – A Lesson in Collaboration

t Ourada Designs, the essence of our work lies in the profound belief in the power of collaboration. The Cherry Slab Project in Colorado, undertaken alongside my esteemed colleague Keith from Thunderheart Flooring, stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when minds and talents unite. This endeavor was not merely about laying down pieces of wood but about weaving together our collective skills to create something truly magnificent, an exemplar of shared creative vision materializing into extraordinary artistry.

Fusing Talents: The Collaboration Behind the Creation

The inception of the Cherry Slab Project was a convergence of expertise and creativity. It was an exercise in blending precise cuts with the untamed beauty of live edges, a testament to the incredible outcomes possible when collaboration is at the core of creation. Our partnership on this project was more than just a meeting of professionals; it was a fusion of visions, each contributing unique insights and techniques to bring the concept to life.

A drawing of the Cherry Slab Project.

Narratives in Hardwood: Telling Stories Through Design

At the heart of Ourada Designs is a commitment to storytelling through materials. Each hardwood piece is viewed not just as a material but as a bearer of unique narratives, waiting to be interwoven into the larger story of a home. The Cherry Slab Project, enriched by Keith’s invaluable input, transcended traditional customization boundaries. We intricately integrated elements of the natural world such as vines, birds, and butterflies into our designs, transforming the project from mere flooring into a rich narrative woven into the home’s fabric.

A Commitment to Excellence: The Craftsmanship of Ourada Designs

Precision and passion are the pillars upon which Ourada Designs stands. Whether it’s meticulously sculpting a live edge or seamlessly fitting together complex hexagon patterns, it’s the unwavering dedication to craftsmanship that underpins our work. The floors we create are not simply assembled; they are masterfully crafted works of art, embodying the dedication and skill that define every project we undertake.

Blending Tradition and Technology: The Modern Artisan’s Tools

In our pursuit of excellence, Ourada Designs harmonizes the artistry of traditional craftsmanship with the precision of cutting-edge technology. The employment of innovative tools, such as the Shaper Origin—kindly provided by the homeowner for the Cherry Slab Project—enables us to realize designs of astounding complexity and aesthetic appeal. This project serves as a perfect illustration of this symbiosis, where nature-inspired designs meet technological prowess to forge breathtaking, unique flooring solutions.

The Legacy of the Cherry Slab Project

The Cherry Slab Project not only showcases the unparalleled beauty that emerges from thoughtful collaboration and craftsmanship but also represents the ethos of Ourada Designs. Through this project, and others like it, we continue to champion the integration of natural beauty, storytelling, and technological innovation in creating spaces that are not just lived in but felt and experienced. As we move forward, projects like the Cherry Slab stand as beacons of our dedication to crafting not just floors, but legacies of beauty, precision, and artistic integrity.


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