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The Process of Making a Custom Hardwood Art Floor – The Moses Project

The Art of Creation: From Consultation to Installation in Custom Hardwood Flooring

In the world of custom hardwood flooring, each project is a unique journey, a collaboration between the client’s vision and the designer’s creativity. This journey, exemplified by the meticulous process behind Ourada Designs, spans from the initial consultation to the final installation, transforming spaces into living art. One standout project, dubbed “Moses,” illustrates the intricate dance between inspiration, craftsmanship, and the timeless beauty of wood.

The Consultation: Unveiling Vision and Space

The consultation phase stands as the cornerstone of any custom hardwood art project. It’s here that the foundation for the entire project is laid. Through conversations with the client, a picture begins to emerge, outlining not just the physical space but the stories and interests that define it. Viewing the area, understanding the flow, and considering the furniture are all crucial steps in ensuring that the final design is not only beautiful but harmonious with the client’s lifestyle and aesthetic.



Drawing of a custom art hardwood floor
An early drawing of the Moses design.


Ideation: The Spark of Inspiration

After the initial consultation, the creative process deepens. Returning to the client’s space to sketch ideas directly on the floor is a practice that sets Ourada Designs apart. This hands-on approach allows clients to visualize the project’s scale and design, ensuring alignment with their vision. The “Moses Project” found its spark of inspiration in a tale as majestic as the landscape itself—a buck of “biblical proportions” seen on the client’s property. This narrative became the project’s guiding light, shaping the design’s direction and imbuing the space with a story.

Craftsmanship: The Puzzle Comes Together

The transition from design to creation involves a meticulous selection of materials, often custom-milled to suit the project’s unique demands. For “Moses,” the wood used was as meaningful as the design itself, sourced from trees on the client’s property, adding a layer of personal history and connection to the land. The assembly process in the workshop resembles a puzzle—each piece is crafted and prepared for its place in the larger picture, ready to be brought together in the client’s space.

Drawing a buck for a custom hardwood floor.
An early rendition of “Moses” for the floor.


Installation: The Vision Materializes

Bringing the pieces to the client’s home marks the beginning of the installation phase, where the vision finally materializes. The careful placement of the main pieces, followed by the precise filling of gaps, is a testament to the skill and attention to detail that characterizes Ourada Designs. This phase not only brings the project to life but also marks the moment when a space is truly transformed.


Milling wood for a custom hardwood floor in North Idaho.
Milling wood for a custom hardwood floor.
Milling wood for a custom hardwood floor in North Idaho.
Milling wood for a custom hardwood floor in North Idaho.

Philosophy: A Legacy of Beauty

The philosophy underpinning Ourada Designs’ approach to hardwood flooring has evolved through experiences like the “Moses Project.” Moving away from stains and textured woods, the focus is now on creating art floors that will maintain their beauty through the years, surviving countless sandings without losing their essence. This commitment to lasting beauty ensures that the artistry embedded in each floor remains a legacy for generations, requiring an artist’s touch to preserve its intricacy and depth.

A buck built into a custom hardwood floor in North Idaho.
“Moses” being crafted in the custom floor.
A male deer being crafted into a custom hardwood art floor.
“Moses” taking shape in the custom hardwood floor.

Moses: A Testament to Timeless Craftsmanship

The “Moses Project” stands as a beacon of Ourada Designs’ journey from early experiments with stains and textures to a refined philosophy that embraces the natural beauty of wood. It represents a significant milestone in the journey of creating hardwood floors that are not just surfaces but storied landscapes. Each project, including Moses, is a chapter in the larger narrative of Ourada Designs—a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and the enduring beauty of nature crafted into art.

Staining a custom hardwood art floor.
Staining the floor.
Staining a wood floor.
The process of staining a hardwood floor.


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