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Tom is pleased and proud of the floor in his home
National Wood Flooring Association

Ourada Designs was honored to have Tom's Blue Pine Swirl Floor win the members' choice award
for NWFA's Floor of the Year.
See Tom's floor on the cover of Hardwood Floors Magazine (opens in a new tab).

Ourada Designs provides a creative and innovative approach to hardwood flooring. Making use of a tree's natural edges, from the trunk to small branches, beautiful designs can be created to enliven and enhance any room. Ourada Designs blends the beauty of the wood, interests of the client, and flow of a room to create unique floors that can never be duplicated.

Ourada Designs are centered around the craftsmanship and artistic skills of Tom Ourada. He incorporates nature-inspired elements into his designs, such as the locally harvested pinecones and the natural curve of a tree in the Blue Pine Swirl floor. Tom uses the unique combination of mixing parquetry and painting to create other worlds within a floor such as the Buck and Barbwire floor. Tom's creativity, craftsmanship and artistry takes hardwood flooring to a unique level that stands above other floors.

Buck & Barbed Wire - the original flooring design by Tom Ourada
Tom harvests the wood he uses, from the customers own property, local tree service companies and/or local sources.

First, the logs and branches are cut into usable lengths.

Next, with his portable sawmill, the material is cut into flooring thickness while trying to keep the natural edges of the log.

The rough cut boards are dried in Tom's kiln drier. Kiln drying gives the wood the recommended moisture content that minimizes cracking and movement.

Finally, the boards are ready to become an exclusive Ourada Designs work of art.

Every Ourada Designs floor is unique; Tom never creates the same design twice. Each floor is customized to the needs and desires of the customer. While some floors or parts of floors will need to be built off site and then be installed, others can be created all on site.

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Ourada Designs 509.389.8728
Ourada Designs, P.O. Box 325
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